Premium preparation and value preservation.

foilack wrap care

foilack wrap care offers innovative premium products for foil wrapping professionals and for foil wrapped car owners.

Based on our 20 years of experience in vehicle wrapping, we developed a high-class series of products for cleaning, caring and sealing for our licensed partners as well as for ambitious automobile lovers.

Our wrap care products cater the needs of professional preparation and finishing of a foil wrapping as much as the goal to preserve the value of your car wrapping.


Professional series 1:

foilack cleaning & finishing

Our special surface cleaner allows a thorough and highly professional initial cleaning of a vehicle's original painting, before it gets foiled. Different tools like the cleaner dough and dirt eraser support the preparation process.

With our dedicated cleaning products for finished foilings, even the most persistent staining and discolourations can be removed from foiled cars.

For the finshing of a foil job, our quick waxes for glossy and matt foil wrappings offer a simple and fast application, supported by the special microfibre cloth.

Professional series 2:

foilack sealing

For a long-term sealing of a foil wrapping, foilack offers a synthetic polymer sealing, that offers up to 9 month of protection to your new car finish.

With our carnauba wax assortment, we are proud to offer probably the best product quality for a value preserving sealing in the market. These organic waxes are specially designed for glossy and matt foils.

After application, they do not only offer up to 6 months of protection against weather conditions, but they also improve the glossy and matt effect of the foil to a maximum.

Professional series 3:

foilack taxi solutions

foilack developed a unique clean-and-care series for the German taxi market that contains colour pigments in taxi beige and wax componets.

With this exclusive product, any foil wrapped beige taxi shines again like a new car in no time.

Only available at foilack, any taxi company or taxi entrepreneur can order his product set.