Personalization & protection at high seas.

foilack maritime coatings

With foilack maritime, our German quality foils become available for first class yacht finishings.

foilack maritime coatings are especially designed for offshore exposure and guarantee to keep you instyle with the latest maritime trends.

All film types available for foilack maritime can be used. Whether for colour change, yacht design or protection of your flagship, from multi-colour foils over 3D structure films or extravagant racing designs - you can have it all to be seen at sea.

foilack exhibition feature.

Top Marques Superboats Monaco 2011

foilack attended the Top Marques Superboats show in Monte Carlo harbour. We revealed the stunning "Chrome Silver Yacht" foil in front of the main entrance that impressed many boat owners along the Côte d’Azur.

Surface flexibility for luxurious interiors.

foilack yacht interiors

With our special collection of yacht interior foils, foilack can individualize any yacht's inner area:

Choose from a wide selection of fine wood foils that resemble the natural appearance of real woods. For a truly luxury design, our foilack's real gold and silver foils cater to the highest demands. A broad range of other surfaces - from marble to granite - is available upon request.

For a seasonal change of look, all interior design foils are 100% tracelessly removable to be easily replaced by another spectacular foil design.

A world novelty for yacht owners.

foilack anti-fouling foil in testing phase

The brand-new foilack Anti Fouling Foil enteres the testing phase for approval for usage in international shipping.

To protect your maritime investment, our anti-fouling foil for application below the sealine is the latest foil wrapping solution. This German quality innovation prevents the lower boat parts from fouling, sea shells and other harm.