Eco-friendly and comfortable.

foilack climate control & UV-protection

Modern architecture is made of glass. But buildings with huge glass surfaces suffer from solar overheating, glazing and increased UV radiation.

Applied to your glass or similar surfaces, our architectural films effectively reduce unwanted heat, glare and UV rays. Architectural films by foilack can be installed ex post on almost any type of window or architectural glass surface.

Increased comfort, reduced cooling costs and effective UV protection make architectural solutions a smart alternative to air conditioning and mechanical sunscreens.

Limitless looks.

foilack vinyl art decals

A foilack novelty: We introduce a series of high-quality wall decals for unlimited interior design.

Whether for corporate design, redecoration or highlighting certain areas, foilack vinyl art decals give any room a new look or compliment its existing personality.

Built to protect.

foilack anti-vandalism

The brand-new anti-vandalism foil protects you glass surfaces from damage effectively.

Available for normal and high security demands. Please contact us for your individual safety concept.