First in foils. Since 1996.

The originator of luxury car wrapping: foilack.

Originated in Germany.

Respected worldwide. Fine vinyl wraps by foilack.

Car wrapping redefined.

Brilliant quality. Bespoke colour from foilack.


We wrap outstanding vehicles.

foilack is the international leader for foil-based luxury wrappings. With fifteen years of experience, we create bespoke surfaces for cars, yachts and buildings.

Automotive     Maritime     Architectual


Vinyl wrappings with virtuosity.

At foilack, German-made vinyl films meet German craftsmanship. We aspire to the highest product quality and processing accuracy in the car wrapping business.


VIP wrappings. Worldwide.

foilack welcomes VIP customers to wrapping workshops throughout Europe and the Middle East. We are expanding our network to new countries around the globe.

News & Dates

12.11.2011 SEMAShow LasVegas announced
01.10.2011 V2.0 beta is online
25.09.2011 foilack visited IAA Franfurt 2011
05.08.2011 foilack company video released

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